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Industrial Cleaning Compounds

AGISOL: High flash parts washing solvent designed for use in standard parts washing cabinets. Contains no chlorinated, or reclaimed solvents for simple disposal with waste oil products. AGISOL is formulated with emulsifying chemistry to allow cold water rinsing.

MARSOL WB: Biodegradable cleaner with a quaternary amonium surfactant system for safe & effective removal of grease, and oil. MARSOL WB is Authorized by the U.S.D.A. for use in meat & poultry plants.

DYNASOL: Heavy duty alkaline degreaser for tough cleaning applications. DYNASOL is widely used for engine, heavy equipment, and concrete floor cleaning. DYNASOL is particularly effective in steam cleaning and pressure washing. It can be diluted up to 100:1 in many situations.

MARSOL EC: Solvent based emulsion cleaner for degreasing engines, tanks and machinery. This "Cold Wash" formulation is extremely effective for the removal of grease & oil in locations where heat and agitation is not practical.

RPI STAINLESS STEEL BRIGHTENER: This acid based blend cleans, brightens and removes red rust from the surface of most stainless steels. This product is extremely effective at improving the appearance of fabricated parts by removing smut, weld stain and grime. RPI STAINLESS STEEL BRIGHTENER can be diluted for tank, truck, marine and may other applications. It is very effective on aluminum also.

SOLV-X: Blend of mineral acid and detergents for heavy scale removal from ferrous surfaces. A highly effective inhibitor system makes SOLV-X ideal for descaling biolers, heat exchangers, water jackets, etc. while protecting the steel/iron base metal.

Marine Chemicals

PHOSPHO: Rust remover and metal conditioner for use on all ferrous surfaces. PHOSPHO penetrates and dissolves rust leaving iron phosphate for excellentr paint adhesion. PHOSPHO is also used on sandblasted surfaces to prevent rust formation.

MARSOL ECR-S: This solvent based emulsifiable degreaser offers exceptional cleaning and is easy to rinse. The special surfactant system produces a fast breaking emulstion for simple spearation prior to discharge.

RPI ACID FIBERCLASS CLEANER: Designed specifically for fiberglass surfaces this product cleans and brightens in one step. Rust stains, oxidation from sunlight, and discoloration on the hull are easily removed with one application of RPI ACID FIBERGLASS CLEANER.

KLEEN SOL CONCENTRATE: This butyl alkaline cleaner is widely used in the marine industry for general cleaning. Grease and oil is quickly removed from nearly any painted surface. KLEEN SOL can be diluted for use on floors, kitchen equipment, air conditioner coils and hundreds of other applications.

LUMA BRITE: This aluminum cleaner removes weld stain, oxide film and nearly every discoloration from aluminum. LUMA BRITE is highly concentrated and can be diluted up to 9:1 for light cleaning.
**Caution!!** Do not use Luma Brite or any other strong cleaner on polished aluminum surfaces like wheels or step bumpers.

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